The bookshop has a thousand books. All colors, hues and tinges.

And every cover is a door that turns on magic hinges.

--Nancy Byrd Turner

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"Bunny Notes"


Cute reproduction bunny notes 

How many  Bunnies can you find?

Pencil out all unnecessary lines


Set of eight notes with parchment envelopes




Menus from the great liner revisited and updated

by Yvonne Hume


 "Let's Set The Table" by Elizabeth Lounsbery, 1938  Hardcover Book 200 pages

above illustration from The Tea Table & Cocktail Hour chapter






General Books

Boy Training, YMCA, 1912. An Interpretation of the Principles that Underlie Symmetrical Boy Development Item # R 0190 $10.00




Religious Books

Crumbs by C. M. Zorn, 1914. Short devotions for every day of the year. 436 pages, hardcover, slight separation on inside front spine, but overall very nice condition. Item # R 0186 $8



School Books





Madame Chocolate tm Treasury of Favorite Recipes, autographed by the author, Elaine Sherman. Contents include recipes for brownies, cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, kids/snacks, main courses, mousses, pies, sauces/frostings, truffles & candies and miscellaneous. Soft cover, excellent condition. Item # R 0188 $5.00

The Betty Furness Westinghouse Cook Book, 1954, first printing. 496 pages, very nice condition. Item # R 0172 $15

The Edible Ornamental Garden, 1974, by John Bryan & Carolie Castle, soft cover. Covers edible plants, their history, culture & interesting recipes for their use. Some light marks on cover, but very good condition. Item # R 0197 $10.00

The Tupperware Book of Picnics, Parties & Snacks Around the World, by Mary Ann Zimmerman, 1967. Soft cover, 143 pages, nice condition Item # R 0187 $8






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